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Byebrook Farm

Gouda Cheese, Raw Milk & More 

Family owned and operated dairy farm in Bloomville that has been in the family for eight generations.


They have 45 milk cows and 40 head of young stock, and grow all the forage and some of the grain to feed them. Cows are pastured in the summer and no rBST is used.


They make a raw milk Gouda cheese and age it at least 60 days. Varieties include: plain, cumin seed, caraway, dill, and cider-washed rind. There is a self-service roadside farm stand where we sell the cheese, along with fresh bottled raw milk from their cows. Eggs and produce are also sold when available.

Growing Practices:

All Natural



Intensive Grazing

The Paul Deysenroth Family

7531 County Highway 18

Bloomville, NY 13739

Phone: 607-538-9796

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