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Maplewood Farm & Orchard

Maple Syrup Producers

Making maple syrup is a family tradition, three generations strong at Maplewood Farm and Orchard. Duane and Karen LaFever are continuing a family tradition that began with Duane’s grandfather.

Ben LaFever made maple syrup from the late 1920′s to the 1950′s. Ben’s three sons helped through the years, and his son George (Duane’s father) continued making syrup in the 1970′s. In 1987, Duane took up the work.

Today, Duane and his partner Tom Kaufman make the syrup. Family members still lend a hand (where else can you get free help?). Tom’s dad Russell Kaufman was a steady regular along with friend and neighbor Ed Svec.

Duane’s father George "Old-Timer" LaFever collects sap by truck and gives lots of how-to advice. Karen’s father Walt Oelschlager seems to know when the steam is rising and comes up over the mountain to lend a hand.

Karen makes all the maple cream and maple candy products. She adds her hand-painted sap buckets and other crafts to the gift shop.


Duane and Karen’s sons Cody and Cullen are at the sap house too and hopefully they will decide to be the fourth generation of LaFever’s to make maple syrup.

Duane and Karen LaFever
598 Miller Avenue
Bovina Center, NY 13740

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