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Homegrown Farmstead

Fresh produce and farm-to-table meats

Homegrown Farmstead is a small farmstead on top of Bramley Mountain growing fresh produce and raising happy, well-cared-for livestock. The farmstead has over 200 bushes of established heritage organic blueberries, an organic apple orchard, and an assortment of fresh herbs and vegetables with a particular focus on superfoods including broccoli, kale, and other leafy greens. They also offer farm-fresh eggs from free-ranging hens and USDA-certified heritage breed pork. Timber and firewood are also available for purchase.

Visit Homegrown Farmstead and enjoy wholesome country products that are smog-free, traffic-free, rush-hour-free, crowd-free, stress-free, nutrient-rich, grown and raised with love and care, and 100% delicious.

Nicole Gillikin
2113 Lee Hollow Road
Bovina, NY 13740
Office: 607-832-4273
Mobile: 917-836-4898

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