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Crystal Brook Farms


7th generation Century Farm owned by the Elliott family since 1817.

Thomas Elliott came to America from Scotland in 1817 and settled in what is now the New Kingston valley. He purchased tracts of land in the area that was soon to be a part of the famed anti-rent wars. His son William was the next generation to improve the land. He had three sons, two of whom were soldiers in the Civil War. Son Thomas was wounded in the Battle of Cedar Creek ,Va and was taken by lumber truck to Baltimore, where he died a month later. He is buried nearby in the Bovina Cemetery.

Son James was shot in the Battle of Honey Hill, SC and was never found. Youngest son John was left to be the next generation to carry on the farm. John’s son James T. took over the farm next, followed by his son James W. The farm is now operated by James W, Jr., and his children are the 7th generation to be on the farm.

The land was all cleared and stone walls were built by members of the Elliott family. The barns and house were all built by hand with hand hewed beams and stone foundations. The farm was settled by Elliotts and has remained in the family for almost 200 years. In 2012, the farm received the Century Farm Award, which recognizes farms that have remained in the same family for over 100 years. Today the farm houses Jersey cows, just as it did 100 years ago, and still utilizes many of the practices that have been handed down. They strive to be a fully sustainable, self-reliant operation.

You can find Crystal Brook Farm Products at Catskill Regional Harvest in Delhi.

James and Andrea Elliott
Crystal Brook Farms
1892 New Kingston Road
P.O. Box 342
New Kingston, NY 12459

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