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Bovina Valley Farms & Creamery

Cowbella by Bovina Valley, Moonshine Maple & More

Bovina Valley is a collection of regional, family-run businesses that have come together with a shared heritage and common purpose. We take the best practices passed down through generations and give new life to them by producing the highest quality products and experiences for our customers, near and far. At Bovina Valley, we create Cowbella™ milk, yogurt, cheese and butter made in small batches with only the purest ingredients, by the same people who raise the cows and run our farms. Our new Creamery is bringing the tradition of dairy processing back to our small corner of New York State where being cow-crazy, freshness-obsessed, single sourced and farmer-owned says as much about our passions as it does about our products!

Cowbella™ offers 100% natural, pasture-grazed farmstead dairy products including whole milk, sweet cream & salted butter, plain and flavored yogurt, mozzarella cheese and Aldernay cheese. Products include no RBST, no artificial flavors, no growth hormones and no additives.

Products can be purchased at local stores and there will soon be regular retail hours opening at the Creamery Road location.

Bovina Valley Farms & Creamery
Shannon and Dan Finn
64 Creamery Road, Bovina Center, NY 13740

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